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Output is a high intensity, low skill level cardio class using market leading Concept2 machines. Output is suitable for all levels and is designed for all levels to express their capability at any given time. In each class, you will use each machine once; Row Erg, Bike Erg and Ski Erg.

We have our standard class which is 45 minutes long, split into 3 x 15 minute sections using each machine once with various work to rest ratios.

Our Express classes and Newbie class is 30 minutes long and is split into 3 x 10 minute blocks with short intervals.

Output is for everyone from general population to Elite Athletes, each being able to push to their own maximum Output.

When doing the class, each person will be hooked up with their own Polar Heart Rate sensor on their arm, which will reflect your own data on the big screen, as a means of live feedback within the class.

This class is an infrared heated class, which brings out a positive biological response for everyone doing it, replicating training at higher altitude for additional health and performance benefits.

No memberships or contracts required, pop in and out as you please and enjoy the ride!

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